Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

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Two of the most common questions our customers ask us are “How do you clean rugs?” and “What method do you use for rug cleaning?”

You wouldn’t think the answer is too complicated, but it can be. For all types of rug cleaning at Ray-Burt’s we follow a detailed process and customize it for each individual rug, taking several factors into consideration. Some of the most common concerns that we give attention to are color stability, type of face fiber, type of foundation material, method of construction, fragility of the item, and manufacturer cleaning codes.

As a general rule we take the rugs through 4 primary processes: Dry soil removal, cleaning, drying and servicing. A full description of our process can be found here.

Our expert service is available for all types of rugs:

Oriental Rug Cleaning
We are specialists in the cleaning and restoration of oriental rugs. We hand-clean them using methods specifically developed to retain their value and lifespan.

Persian Rug Cleaning
Call us to discuss the proper care and cleaning of your valuable imported or heirloom persian rugs. Our methods are designed to prevent any damage in order to maintain the value of your rug. Our cleaning methods are designed to prevent damage to your rug during cleaning. Our experienced repair department offers services to maintain or enhance the value of your rugs.

Area Rug Cleaning
During three generations of family ownership we have developed the best process for every type of area rug. If you don’t know what kind of rug you have give us a call at 503-653-0440 or bring it in and we can identify it for you.

Ray-Burt’s Rug Cleaning Service

If you need any rug cleaning in Portland Oregon give us a call today at 503-653-0440 for more information.


Our Rug Cleaning Process

    As a general rule we take the rugs through four primary processes:
  • Dry soil removal
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Servicing
  • 1) Initially, dry soil is removed from each individual item by vibrating the rug with our specialty “dusting” machine, by vacuuming the rug or with use of compressed air.

    2) The cleaning process removes embedded dirt and residues can be complicated because of the wide variety of textiles we encounter from around the world.* However, standard cleaning consists of washing the rugs very much like we do our hands or our hair. We clean the rugs both front side and back with neutral PH shampoo, and then rinse the shampoo and the soils out of the rug. We get down on our hands and knees to shampoo and rinse the fringes out. We then use a color fasting material to ensure the stability of the dyes in the rug.

    3) Rugs are groomed for appearance and then hung to dry They are dried at approximately 70 degrees with high speed air movement on our state of the art drying rack. More delicate items are dried in separate areas to control air speed and movement.

    4) We perform a final servicing where each rug is carefully inspected for any conditions that can be improved. Any remaining spots, soils, odors etc. are noted and the item is sent back for additional work until there is no more room for improvement. The fringes and the pile are brushed for softness and texture regulation. The rug is then sent off for any repair, pad or stain repellant if needed. When all work is completed, rugs are wrapped in natural paper and routed for return to the customer.

    * Rugs that cannot be cleaned with conventional methods need to have a custom plan created for their handling. Some need to be cleaned completely on the dry side with no water at all. Some need to be fastened down to our large wood floors to control shrinking and buckling that can occur if a rug is not cleaned properly. Some rugs are cleaned more like a piece of furniture because of their extremely fragile condition.

    Ray-Burt’s Rug Cleaning Service

    If you need rug cleaning in Portland Oregon give us a call today at 503-653-0440 for more information.