Moth Prevention & Treatments

Moth retarding is a process used to discourage the infestation of moths and insects which might tend to eat or damage carpet fibers. While moth retarding is beneficial, we do not want the customer to be left with a false sense of security. Therefore, we remind you that rugs need to be checked every few months for any signs of insect presence regardless of treatment. In cases where moths have been present or moth damage is evident it is most important that rugs be checked even more frequently.

Storage- Rugs should be kept in a stable, dry place. Rugs should not be wrapped in plastic. Doing so could cause excess moisture to form and possibly promote mildew damage. Rugs should be vacuumed and checked, at least, once every six months to help protect them from unseen insect or rodent damage. For our customers who may be incurring a move, temporary relocation or other unusual circumstance we offer short term storage at our facility. For customer self storage, we offer special wrapping and moth retarding services.