Carpet, Stain Prevention Treatments

From a cleaning standpoint, the use of stain repellants can be very beneficial when applied properly to appropriate fabrics. While stain repellants can be helpful, they’re not a stain proof shield* and should not be considered a substitute for proper care. Stain repellant can lessen the likelihood of spills becoming permanent stains and can ease removal of surface soils.

Proper cleaning must be done when spots or spills occur. As cleaners, we stand a much better chance of removing spots and soils from a coated fabric than an uncoated fabric. For this reason, we offer the application of stain repellants to your new or thoroughly cleaned home furnishings, carpets & rugs.

* Be aware that many substances can remove color or permanently stain all textiles, regardless of stain repellant being in place. Some examples are hair dyes, shoe polish, paints, bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, insecticides, plant food, iodine, toilet bowl cleaners, caustic chemicals and many medications.

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