Oriental Rug Cleaning

Portland residents have trusted Ray-Burt’s for their oriental rug cleaning needs for more than 40 years. We also offer our customers supporting services including appraisals, dye setting, moth retarding, soil retarding, blocking, sizing, storage and repair.

We also offer a wide selection of carpet padding and underlayment to help protect and extend the life of your oriental rugs.

At Ray-Burt’s we know your oriental rugs are often valuable family heirlooms handed down through several generations. For this reason we carefully analyze your oriental rug’s condition before we design a plan for cleaning it. This way we provide the best clean and best treatment for your valuable and delicate items.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Every rug is different so we adjust our four-step rug cleaning process based on several factors: color stability, type of face fiber, type of foundation material, density of the foundation, fragility of the item, cleaning code and the method of construction. After reviewing these factors we craft a cleaning plan specifically for your rug. It is through this process we achieve the best cleaning possible without damaging your rug.

In some cases rugs simply cannot be cleaned using conventional methods. Or, the rugs may need to be cleaned on the dry side with no water at all or in other cases the rug may need to be fastened to our wood floors to control the shrinking and buckling that can occur if your rug is handled incorrectly.

Over several generations we have perfected the oriental rug cleaning process. You can read more about our rug cleaning process here.

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Oriental Rug Facts

Did You Know?
Oriental and Persian rugs are terms often used interchangeably but technically there is a difference. Oriental rugs are those made by hand in Asia, India, Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan, or Nepal. Persian rugs, on the other hand, are created only in Iran, the country known as Persia prior to 1935.

Did You Know?
Antique oriental rugs were often made with camel hair. But camel hair gives off a foul odor in warm & wet conditions so it is rarely used in modern rugs.

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