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Carpet & Area Rug Padding

The proper padding or underlayment can play a crucial role in the functionality and long-term wear of your rugs. The right pad choice depends on location within the home, anticipated amount of foot traffic, door clearance issues and fiber content of the rug itself. Pad may also need periodic replacement due to dirt, damage or wear. Because so many of our customers have come to rely on us for comprehensive care of their home furnishings, we carry a range of padding to suit all your needs. We can help you choose the right pad and then customize it to fit the size or shape of any rug.

Carpet Stain Prevention Treatments

From a cleaning standpoint, the use of stain repellants can be very beneficial when applied properly to appropriate fabrics. We see no disadvantages when applied correctly. However, repellants are not a stain proof shield. Proper cleaning must be done when spots or spills occur. Stain repellant will lessen the likelihood of spills becoming permanent stains and will ease removal of surface soils.


Moth Prevention & Treatments

Moth retarding is used to discourage the infestation of moths and insects that to eat or damage carpet fibers. While moth retarding is beneficial, it won’t last forever and may need to be reapplied. Therefore, we remind you that rugs should be checked every few months for any signs of insect presence regardless of treatment. In cases where moths have been present or moth damage is evident it’s important that rugs be checked even more frequently.


Emergency Care & Cleaning

For customers struggling with the unfortunate challenge of events such as water leaks, flooding and pet accidents, taking timely action is crucial. We’ll always work such urgent matters into our regular schedule as quickly as possible. If your problem requires attention outside our normal routes or hours we will likely be able to accommodate it on a time and materials basis.

Pickup & Delivery Services

Pick up & delivery services are available within the Portland Metro area for a reasonable charge.

To enjoy a 15% discount on services, customers can drop off and pick up their own rugs or furniture under a covered area in our off street parking lot. Our shop personnel are happy to assist with unloading and loading of your items.

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