Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are often colorful and valuable keepsakes handed down from generation to generation. So, if you are looking for a Persian rug cleaning service, you need a professional. At Ray-Burt’s we won’t apply a cookie-cutter approach to cleaning your persian rugs because we have a customized process perfected over generations.

Persian Rug Cleaning Process

The first thing we do after you drop off your rug is to carefully analyze it on several factors, including: color stability, type of face fiber, type of foundation material, density of the foundation, fragility of the item, cleaning code and the method of construction.

Once we have completed our analysis we customize a four-step cleaning process for the best clean possible without causing any damage.

Some rugs simply can not be cleaned with standard methods. We may need to clean your rug dry side with no water at all or we may need to fasten your rug to our wood floors in order to control the shrinking and buckling that can occur.

Over several generations we have perfected the art of rug cleaning. Read more about our rug cleaning process here.

Persian Rug Facts

Did You Know?
Persian rugs and Iranian rugs are synonymous terms because before 1935 the country of Iran was known as Persia. Persian rugs most often refer to pile-woven textiles, flat-woven carpets and rugs.

Did You Know?
Persian rugs differ noticeably from region to region, even village to village. They come in a wide variety of colors often using floral designs combined with diamond designs. See if you can find 4 curled leaves resembling a fish emerging from each diamond.

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