Area Rug, Furniture & Specialty Textile Repair

A long-standing respect & passion for the art of rug making enable us to properly evaluate and execute all facets of specialty repair. We’re familiar with all types of rug and carpet construction; domestic to foreign, machine made to hand loomed. Our in-depth knowledge of the history, heritage and evolution of international and regional designs make us a valuable resource.

We can help you determine the value and condition of your specialty items, enabling you to decide on the best manner of care and optimal end use for them. Many customers have had us salvage valuable heirloom textiles and turn them into unique wall hangings or decorative pillows. For items used as floorcovering, we can provide just the right underlayment or padding to protect and extend their life.

If your item can be authentically repaired we can do it beautifully because we understand the construction of rugs from the foundation up. If it can’t be done seamlessly, we’ll tell you honestly and consult with you about the options available.

Repair may entail something as simple as securing a loose edge or something as complex as reweaving. Alterations in size, removal or addition of fringe, replacement of edge finish may also be done to enhance or compliment your decor. We offer an array of materials, colors & techniques to achieve the desired end result.

We also offer stain and soil repellant treatments, moth repellant treatments and a variety of padding to protect the investment in your newly purchased, recently refurbished or expertly repaired rugs.

For customers who want to enjoy a discount for dropping off and picking up their own items, a Cash & Carry option is available during all open hours and our shop personnel are happy to assist with loading and unloading of your items.