Here in the Northwest, carpet, rug and upholstered furniture cleaning goes on year round. However, when the weather turns brighter, homeowners get the urge to be a little more serious about the cleaning needs of their furnishings.

By and large, most mill recommend that the wall-to-wall carpet be cleaned every 12 to 24 months. Some make it a requirement for warranty validation. Area rugs and upholstered furniture seem to receive attention every three to five years. Cleaning frequency, in either case, can be significantly affected by fabric color, pattern, texture, volume/nature of soils and the owner’s lifestyle.

As with an automobile, quality service performed by skilled technicians can extend the useful life both in appearance and function. The same is true for the fine furnishings designers place in their clients’ houses. Timely cleaning makes good sense from a livability standpoint, as well as preserving and prolonging the useful life of those furnishings.

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Because it is worthwhile for design professionals to be aware of certain “end use” conditions imposed upon furnishings by their manufacturers, they should know that many upholstery fabric mills have implemented the use of industry-established cleaning codes for their products. Their existence identifies for the designer and/or the end user, the approved method to be used for cleaning of those textiles.

Currently the industry has four (4) cleaning codes:

Code W – The use of detergent and water is acceptable for cleaning.

Code W/S – The use of detergent and water and/or dry cleaning solvent is acceptable for cleaning.

Code S – Only the use of dry cleaning solvent is acceptable.

Code X – Only gentle dry brushing and/or careful vacuuming is acceptable for cleaning.

This information is typically found on the fabric sample label. However, some manufacturers may opt out of using the codes and just make a vague statement that implies “dry clean only.” Others may even discourage the use of stain/soil-repellant finishes.

Obviously, it makes good customer service sense for the design professional to consider cleaning codes, especially with regard to how the client will be using the finished upholstered item. For example, where an aggressive use is anticipated, the “W” code may not be the best choice for that environment.

Please feel free to call for additional information about this or other related topics. We would enjoy visiting with you.

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